How It Works

How Does The Ultimate Muscle Stimulator Work Its Magic?

The Ultimate Muscle Stimulator works through EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). EMS training is performed through small electrodes that are placed against your clothes or skin, small electrical impulses are then sent to your muscles which mimic the action of the central nervous system, activating the muscles and contracting them in the same way, but using external impulses. These impulses reach deep muscle layers, which are harder to activate though normal training. The effect of the impulses causes the muscles to work harder than they would in a conventional training session but with much less work completed.
EMS training has been used by many athletes for years, however, only recently has it hit the world by storm because of the ease of the sessions with professionals – you are done and dusted in 20 minutes and your muscles have done a workout that you would have completed in an hour. 
Studies have shown that EMS training can slightly increase muscle mass faster than conventional training.
With EMS, you engage both kinds of muscle fibers (slow-twitch, and fast-twitch). Buzz your muscles during a push-up, and while your brain tells nerves to contract slow-twitch muscle fibers, signals from the EMS machine cue fast-twitch fibers to engage. You’re working more muscle than you’d normally need to do a push-up, and that’s why fatigue sets in more quickly.